37 Years And Still Going Strong!

Today is our Wedding Anniversary so I felt I should share my feelings about my marriage.I am so happy and grateful that I married such a wonderful man.A man of character,who is far from perfect, as am I.
What did we do to deserve each other? I really don't know.All I know is we are both very stubborn and determined and will NOT GIVE UP ON EACH OTHER.
I am determined to spend the rest of my days with this man and make the best of every day we have together.I do not expect us to agree about everything, and know we will have our ups and downs in the future, as in the past.This is what marriage is about.
I feel sorry for the younger generation who give up on their marriage as soon as they have their first "down".If they really loved their partner they would work it out and compromise.They would learn something about themselves, and be stronger for the experience.Marriage isn't about having your own way all the time,it's about working at it and making it work against all the odds.
Here's to the next 37! I will be over 90 by then but it's possible!
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3 Responses Jan 17, 2013

Nice sentiment. But, I feel a bit sad by your story. Although I too feel the youth can be cavalier with the commitment to love, but both your assertion for tenacity in love and theirs for their fickleness fail to recognize the meaning of adoration. You do not adore you husband. You obviously love him but, if you adored him, you could not admit his flaws. You would see only assets and blessings in him. That is true adoration. Your relationship is remarkable and loving but it is not adoration. No disrespect intended in my post only a glimpse into the weight and meaning of the word Adore and the feelings and behaviors associated with it.

I think you are probably right.

WOW.. congrats on your marriage.... I have been with my hubby for 18 yrs and married for almost 12. He was 17 and I was 15 when we met. We have 5 kids and many ups and downs but like you said it is work, HARD work... it sure is worth it. We are also very hard headed. We love hard... we fight hard. Love is such a wonderful thing!!! Congrats again!! I am so happy for you

So many people give up too easily. It's good to hear of a marriage that is not perfect, but is happy and endures. Congratulations to both of you.