A Christmas Story...

My husband is currently deployed with the US Navy right and won't be home until April, but he is truly the love of my life and today he has proven once again why that is true!! He managed to make this the BEST Christmas for me even though he is half-way around the world defending our country. My heart is so filled with love for this man that I wonder if it will explode! I would like to share with you all the Christmas letter that my husband sent me and requested that my son print out for me (he wanted my son to give it to me after I had opened all of my gifts - it was his way of explaining his reasoning behind each gift since he was not here to do it in person).

From my husband:



Well it is Christmas morning and the three of you should be done opening all your gifts now if you are reading this. I hope that it was a very Merry Christmas morning for you all. Even though I may not be there physically, I am surely there in mind and spirit. Please say that you like all of the gifts that you received today from both me and the boys. I am sure you will put everything to good use.

I hope that you do not think that the Tiny Toon’s DVD’s I bought for you is to corny….LOL I got them cause I have learned one really important thing out here during this cruise and that is the old adage that “laughter is good for the soul”. Well I wanted to try and find a way to share that lesson with you and this is how I decided I would do it. Plus I know that you always loved to watch the Tiny Toon’s. Especially the episodes where they would flash back to when Plucky was a baby (I really hope there are some of those episodes in here). Then of course there is Elmyra, with her always loving and squeezing all the aminal’s…lol Yes I misspelled that on purpose. That is how she always said animal’s..lol  So again I hope it is not to corny…LOL

I wanted to get you some Pagan stuff because I know that you recently mentioned that you wanted to actually practice and use some of the rituals rather than just tell people you are Pagan….lol So It is just a couple of items for you to get started.  I hope that you truly love them and that they become the topic of discussion for you for many days to come. Blessings 

The gift card is just a bonus. You go and get yourself something nice at Target. Be it some new uniform’s, new shoes, new undies, or what ever you choose. All I ask is that you relax, have fun, maybe take a friend and enjoy yourself. I know it is not much but it is the thought that counts.

OK sweetie again I hope it has been a wonderful Christmas morning for you and the boys. I love and miss the three of you very much. We are over the half way mark now, so its all down hill from here. Love you and talk to you through email


How could I not love this man with all of my heart!! Thanks for letting me share my Christmas story with you all... I hope that you Christmas was as special as you all are!! Blessed be and Merry Part!!




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2 Responses Dec 25, 2008

that's just awesome! you can feel the love - on both of your parts. made me cry .. hope he's home soon.<br />
<br />
thank him for my rights; to run my mouth among other things! thank you and your family for standing by him and sacrificing so much for the rest of us.

I miss my mummy!<br />
<br />
I live overseas and my family is a shambles at present and my hubby has to help me through it.<br />
<br />
Well being a mum aint all roses and I cry at the drop of a hat now, call me crazy.<br />
<br />
Well that is sweet but please give a new mum a word of advice I just cried all year this year.<br />
<br />
I achieved a lot but don't seem to cut the mustard at times, **** life is ugly at times and Christmas seems to bring out all your demons. I feel like a family on meet the parents, we love a good comedy.