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my little brother is amazing! He's only 11 years old but I sometimes feel like I can learn a lot from him. He's not a genius or good at sports or anything. But he's such a wonderful caring and kind person! Everyone loves him. He's constantly trying to make everyone around him feel good. Whenever he gets something nice he usually comes and shares it with me. Whenever he's shopping with my mum she'll spend hours on explaining why she can't buy all those things - all those things he wants to buy for ME, not for himself.

I know I was always annoyed by my grandmother telling everyone how perfect and flawless I am and now I'm finding myself doing the same thing. He's just wonderful and I'm so glad to have him in my life. When he was born I actually asked my mum to trade him for a girl (I was 10... :) ) 

I also know he looks up to me a lot and it scares me. I'm really not the kind of person you'd want your kid to look up to. I haven't done anything really bad. I don't drink, never did drugs or smoked. if anything I missed out on a lot of life experience. But I'm really messed up. I struggle with so many problems that I barely have to strength to look out for him anymore and I feel like he'd deserve so much better! He's been through so much with my family... the same stuff that got me where I am today. And I'm so scared that it might haunt him one day like it haunts me. He was too small to know what i know but there have sure been some traumatic experience in his childhood. He's more careful and more scared to lose people than he should be at his age. He should be fighting me instead of clinging to my every word. He should yell back when I yell at him. But he is who he is. And I'm very very proud at that little person!

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My little bro is awesome too! He is nice and caring as well and he just turned six! (:

I know exactly how you feel! I am a hot mess. My childhood was a disaster. Our parents did drugs and alcohol and stopped taking care of us. As the oldest I tried my very hardest to fill their roles. I watched over my brothers and tried to protect them. Me and the second oldest brother are messed up from what we experienced. We're just so broken. He is an alcoholic and I suffer from ptsd and have severe trust issues. But, my youngest brother(He is four and a half years younger than me) was spared. He is a wonderful, beautiful person with no problems. He is happy and well adjusted. All the time and effort I put into him when we were younger has paid off. I love him like he is my child. I worship the ground he walks on. I wish I could have saved my other brother too, but he wasn't even two years younger than me and there was only so much I could do. I gave up my childhood for my baby brother and I don't regret a minute of it. It was so very hard, but totally worth it in the end. Anyway, the point of my story is this: Cherish that boy and just love him and he'll be all right. He might not completely escape all trauma. But my little brother sent me a card this Christmas thanking me for taking care of him when he was little. He called me his mother. And that has made it all worth it. May God Bless you both!

He is giving you comfort ,he shows he how to care for him. Why do you not learn from him? There is a saying that say: "Treat people the same as they treat you"He longs to be loved ad cared by you ,so he is teaching you by waning to KEEP you happy because, you say he also wanhts to buy things for you. Appreciate him and start to treat him with respect because,YOU ARE THE ONE HE WANTS TO KEEP HAPPY. Give him good memories for his adulthood.So he can feel he was loved ones because, people like him get used and abuse. Give him TRUE LOVE. He is your brother.

hmm..sister brother relationship is very special...we have very good brother...appreciate him..anyone that doesn have brother doesnt this you little bro...

I love this story :). My little brother is four, nine and a half years younger than me, and I wish I could spent all of my time with him, I love him so much.

Aww, I wish I got to have siblings, esp younger ones, I love kids. He sounds awesome! And so do you. Sorry about all the bad things you've both been though though.

How lovely :) <br />
I actually was the same about my little brother being born- I wanted a younger sister called Amy! But now I wouldn't trade him for the world. My brother might not always seem caring but his real colours flash through every once in a while (he is a typical boy!) and he's dealt with what's happened to our family recently a lot better than I have!

OMg this reminds me of my lil sister!! EXACTLY! All i can tell you is take care of him with everything you have and better your life because it will better his! God bless you guys!

i completely get this. my brother is only 11, and so sweet wise. he always tries to make people feel better, and he does. i hope he doesn't end up like me... (though i don't do drugs or drink) i have many problems. my father's business was shut down before he was born, but it radically changed my life. i have had a strained relationship with my father because of this; which has led to many other problems. because of this, my parents raised us very different (even though we are only 4 years apart). but i know he will be an amazing person

awww i wish i had a brother! =(

hi<br />
can anyone for grop send nice love story

hi <br />
how are you

i hope he will grow and stay good person<br />
it is scary when someone look up to you<br />
but isn't getting you to go on and try be a better person?

This is an amazing story! My brother is 20, 4 years younger than me, and when he was younger he was the sweetest kid. Your little brother reminds me of mine. Even today, (he's rougher now), but there are days he will come to my room with a cup of tea or some food, with a smile on his face, because he knows how to cheer me up. :-) Those days I don't know what to say, at all. <br />
<br />
You should cherish the close bond with your brother, even though you fear for him. And seek help for your problems (I'm sure there are counselors you can see at your school). Many, (and I repeat) MANY people don't have the fortune of having a close brother or sister. You are very very lucky. :-)

awww,,,you made me cryy :') he seems exactly like my lil bro exept mine's 6 and im 15 :)

It sounds like your little brother has the perfect role model in you. You can teach him how to deal with what he is going through in a way that someone should have been able to teach you. You can show him the strength to persevere through hardship and how to appreciate the joy that follows. As a younger brother a ask you please try to protect the sweet innocent child you describe here as best you can, because once it's gone it never comes back all the way.<br />
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Someday he'll be an adult and you can look back at this time and what you taught him and be proud to say "I am his older sister" and someday he'll say "I am thankful to have a sister like you".

Great story - inspiring and sweet!

Hi Nesikha, Your love for your little Brother is beautiful. I'm sure he has benefited from the love and devotion you have givin him. I'm sad for your pain. My life was insane when I was a little girl, but I had my Grandfather as my great protector, he loved me so much. My grandfather change my life with his love, and you have done the same for you little brother. Nesikha I hope that you can find the power within yourself to file away the past, and be happy. I think it would be a very big mistake to let your past continue to victimize your future. When your brother is older you don't want to talk about the creepy past. When I was about 17 I came up with a saying for myself. If I live my life based on my bad experiences, I will never have good ones. When my brothers and sisters and I get together, it's all about the past. i don't get together with them often because of it. Take Care, Your brother is going to be fine, because of you!

thank you very much wanderlust! I always try to tell myself that he is not me and that i shouldn't worry too much, but it's difficult. so hearing that you were in a similar situation and things turned out to be okay really helps! :) I also read the story about your brother and he sounds great! ;)