Louie is my 9 month old pitbull. I will admit I was a little nervous about getting a pitbull because of all of the stories you hear, but he is my baby now. He is such a love, he cuddles with us, sleeps with us and just loves attention. He gets along wonderfully with other dogs and especially other people.

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The pitbull is the best breed of dog where i am concerned. I have a nine year old blue brindle named SHADOW because from the day i got her that is what she has been. I would not take a million dollars for her. She has been right here beside me at sometimes in my life that if I had not of had her I dont know what I would have done.....She loves me regardless and THE BEST FRIEND I COULD HAVE........

To the last poster, its people like you who judge the breed and mistake it for monsters! Unless you own one then mind your business. I don't care how many news stories you read but the fact are Pitt Bulls attack less than any other breed.The media is the devil and they choose to pick on this one group of dogs.

Sounds like the same thing that guy on the news said...after his pit pull had mauled his 4 year old son and killed him.