I Love My Pitbull!!!!

I got my pitbull for valentines day in 2008 when he was just 5 weeks old. I named him Weezy. At the time I was pregnant and alone, EVERYWHERE i went my dog followed, wether it was to the store, the gas station, or the bathtub. He is the MOST loyal and sweet dog I have ever owned. I will NEVER get another breed other than pitbull. For the past three years in my life I have been caught in a very very physical and emotional abusive realationship with the father of my son. (my son is now 1 1/2 yrs. old). On the night of July 4, 2009 my ex broke into my house and in his own words was there to kill me. He came into my living room and grabbed me by the hair and drug me outside where he preceded to beat me, throw me, choke me, and try to gauge my eyes out. My dog never left my side the whole time. If i was on the ground underneath my ex my dog was on top biting into his neck trying to get him off me.  Because of my dogs distraction throughout the whole attack a lot of blows that were thrown at me where missed and I was able to escape when my dog was able to latch on to my ex's arm. I WOULD NOT BE ALIVE TODAY IF IT WASNT FOR MY PITBULL. During the whole attack the gate to the back yard was wide open he couldve ran away or coward but instead he stood at my side and fought a fight that he didn't have to, and because of him I am able to tell my story. My dog is my best friend, he has NEVER showed an ounce of aggresion towards anyone INCLUDING STRANGERS unless i was in danger. My son and him play together as if they were real siblings. He knows to be gentle around the baby and if my son pulls his ears or pokes his eyes he just simple slowly gets up and walks away (unlike many other tempermental breeds that wouldve easily snapped at the child). I CAN NOT stand the ignorance that surrounds the breed. Im a huge advocate and will ALWAYS for the rest of my life own a pit bull!!!!

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I had a pit named Weezy too! My ex and I got him and his brother Baby (cant tell Im a lil wayne fan at all lol). Someone stole Weezy from my ex's yard. I still have Baby and wouldnt trade him for the world!!

unfortunately it's their loyalty that is dangerous...and by that i mean, they're so loyal to their owners that they do see other people as threats. it is unfortunate, because it's not the breed that is aggressive, it's people that teach them to be. in saying that, i do think they're cute.