My wife and I do sex chat together on EP in the morning. I sit next to her and she turns on other guys online. It's exciting for me to watch other guys get turned on, look at her sexy pics (she is a model), and want to **** her while I'm the one who gets her. We do this for a couple of hours. At night, it really pays off, because we can use all the "experiences" we learned during the day on each other. The sex is fantastic. I enjoy making her *** multiple times. But during the morning, she and I have taken our computer into our bedroom out of sight of the kids and dog and are alone. We share the excitement. Then she gets up and gets ready for the day, and I get MY turn on the computer. I now have no one at my side. Kids are complaining; dog wants to be taken for a walk; no one on EP is talking to me regardless of how many comments I make or discussion groups I join. I get my few minutes online - alone. It's a disappointment. I adore my wife. She is the most beautiful woman on the planet. But where is she when I want to fantasize and play sex chat? Is it one sided? Is she the only one who gets to play out her fantasies online and I sit here alone?
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My ex and I used to chat on an adult website we belonged to before the whole sharing mess began. It was fun to turn guys on, and it always really turned my ex on too. Particularly when they would jerk off on their webcam while I chatted with them. My ex tried a few times to get women to chat with him, but there never seemed to be any around or any that wanted to. That's probably why every time I got online, and the men who were online found out that I was the wife, and not the husband, I would get hit up to chat constantly until I logged off.

Perhaps you should have "pretended" to be the hubby more often and that would stop them from hitting up on you. I'm sure you have probably checked out my profile by now and read some of my stories. Please accept my thanks and appreciation. Since my wife and I have been "chatting" on EP last year, we both have been going through some major changes. Since my last comment on this post, she (we) HAS joined a cam model site and is intent on making some income on other guy's horny-ness. I guess I should be happy because she has no intention of being with anyone else, and our love life and sex life has exploded. The romance between us has intensified, and we are closer than we have ever been in the 20 years we have been married.

Life and relationships are dynamic. They never stay the same. But when each grows in the same direction, to each others' benefit, it is beautiful. That is where we are at the moment. Thank you for your input. I hope to chat with you again soon.

When my ex and I shared the fantasy and played with it I felt very close with him. We used to watch **** together, talk about sex, ********** together, and as I mentioned, engage in sex chat together. The real problems stared with the sharing which he pushed to have happen. It put a real wedge between us that expanded into a canyon and lead to the end of our marriage.

Huh. This is fascinating. I've been approached by various couples to chat with them and a few men have asked me to chat with the wife as well. I must admit...I am SO not interested. I have never been one for a *********. It just feels like I am competing with another broad. Give me the guy who is single or the married man whose wife does not appreciate her man or is too busy or is off being polyamourous. Give me someone who needs me. <br />
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I guess I'm not interested in being used to simply prove to a woman that her husband is desirable. Particularly since you are getting plenty of ******* to begin with. It seems sort of a selfish desire on your part. I choose to make a difference in others' lives, to provide something special. You want more than your fair share of the pie, pal. Just my two cents.

WOW. Your prose exceeds almost everyone else's on this site. That is refreshing.

We are both equal at the moment and she has her "guys" she talks to, and I have her all the time. So my piece of the pie is different, but about equal to hers. I am thankful. We have both joined a cam model site, and she wants to make an income on other guys sex drive. It's only virtual, she says, and I believe her. We are closer now than ever, so I am not disappointed anymore.

If you are happy, darling, I am happy. Not that my happiness matters in this equation. What's important is that you and your lady are close and you're not disappointed. Lovely to hear.

Thanks for the info. We have talked since and she now is beside me when I am on. She is not a webcam model. She used to work runway for John Casablancas in Miami and In LA, and did some stills. That was, like, 15 years ago, but she still looks the same, and is now getting back into modeling shape. I didn't know webcam models make money at it. We've only started this since December. I wish I knew how she could make money at it. If you have 5 at home, then I can't complain. We have three 16, 20, and 22.(one is already our on his own, the 22 years old is nosy, and the 16 year old is our best child. I admire you for your maternal courage. What part of the world are you in?<br />
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Hope to chat with you more.<br />
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