My Wifes Friend

my wifes friend is very sexy and like to flirt it even though she is married. This happened about a year ago. She had a boob job, they were nice before (never saw them) but after having a child she felt they were drooping too much. Needless to say she went a little bigger. I always jokingly asked her to show them to me and of course i was serious about wanting to see them. Well one night she and my wife and another friend went out to a sex toy party and came back home around midnight, all of them a bit drunk. I was laughing and started to have fun with them. We had a few shots of tequilla and my wife went to the bathroom and her friend leaned over and asked if i still wanted to see them. I told her hell yes. We went back to my bedroom and she lifted up her shirt and showed them to me then we headed back out. That really got me worked up and i could tell she enjoyed it too. My wife went upstairs to do something so i motioned her back into my room, she lifted them up again and let me play with them. I came around behind and her was playing with them and rolling her nipples around in my fingers, then i slid my other hand down the front of her pants and she was soooo wet. She started to grind her *** in to my **** which was really hard at this point. She turned around and I told that I really liked her **** and said see what they did and pulled my hard **** out of my pants. She grabbed it stoked it a few times then we headed back into the other room. I saw her again a few days later and she said that she was so drunk she didnt remember anything from that night. Too bad she would have been a lot of fun.
dchan dchan
36-40, M
Aug 4, 2010