Survival Dare Game

your welcom no miners. the game is based on survival in nature. all dares come from your own to do list. in the end we push one another to live and do what we truly want get ideas from others. I just jumped off a 110 foot our so cliff into the waater bellow. I would live near there if i had to go into the woods . that would be an awsome get away. let me tell you this im a retired tree climber , i am just not afraid of hights at all . i got dizzy looking down and had to stand there for a monit bafor i jumped. i saw below me as my foot left the clift 110 feet aver a submerged ledge. I had to clear it so many befor me failed and smached into the submerged ledge dieing are saverly injered. The sun was shining and i can still see my toe leave land and i was free to free i was not even in my body anymore. i was just witnessing. i had just gone beond my minds cappabilitys and was having feelings i never new existed. I can not expain it to tou. go up 110 feet cliff an jump. them you will know freedom. I layed out at a 45 degree angle and could feel my self moving yrtical as well as horazontal. At once what seemed eternity and was realy way too long to be fall ing came to 20 feet above water and i was back and moving fast i hit water my feet hit perfict and the exzilleration *** i went down fast. the sun only show now where i hit water it is rakness all around i dont understand. the water so clear so warm, now so dark so cold. i had layed out flat after hiting the water but im still going down fst. At once i was swimming for the top i surficed after some time and people were claping and smilling, so i did it agaijn man that was so kool. but its funny i like to do somthing my brain cant even handle. join now
wildartslinger wildartslinger
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1 Response May 22, 2012

That sounds like fun !