Nature And All Of Its Beauty

At one time I ran a not-for-profit nature center. We started with approximately 500 acres and ended up with over a thousand! It's located at the end of an area, pretty heavily populated with young and old families. The city was going to sell it to a private buyer who was going to build town homes. It is part of the Appalachian trail so of course "town homes" were completely out of the question! This area is georgeous. There are old mines up there also as well as a quarry full of fossils. Hidden caves, rough with very little smooth trails with the exception of newer ones developed over the years very near the Welcome Center.

There are wildlife caged on the premises that are unable to make it on their own any longer. Various reasons, injuries, donated "wild" pets, so forth. We used them to teach environmental education to inner city school kids. While I was there we accomplished so much! I absolutely loved it. Our programs were award winning and we were on a roll as far as fundraising. We had a great team and worked well together.

I took my children to work with me until they became too old:( my youngest would eat bark from the trees whenever he they attended day camps there and because I ran it we would take the kids up there at night and wait for the nocturnal wildlife to appear! What great fun we had. Picnics, fundraising events, etc. that was a great time in my life that I miss very much.

I would bring animals home sometimes. Once I brought a baby squirrel! My oldest was able to appreciate it more because of his age. We would line up side by side with arms outstretched and the squirrel would have great fun traveling all across our bodies as my oldest would giggle and watch this most amazing little creature play.

We ended up with three turtles wich I finally adopted and built this fantastic home for them in my sons room. I didn't realize at the time turtles grow according to the size of their environment! Needless to say they became happy and huge! We finally had to take them to a lake and set them free, which was sad but great fun also. I used to take breaks during cleaning the house, lie on the edge of my sons bed and just watch them swim, climb the rocks, sit near the little water fall we made, "sun" themselves (it was artificial light of course) on the rocks then dive into the water and start all over again. They were amazing:)

There's so much more I could write. Our yearly camping trips to the mountains. Of course it was alway primitive camping so we could all experience nature at its finest.

I do want to write one more little story. We were in the mountains camping by a pretty large and active stream, due to recent rains the water was high so we had to take the kids rafting. We chose tubes on this particular day and the shoes I wore we're my husbands so they were of course way too big! My husband and my daughter along with our youngest were standing on a bridge watching my oldest & I barrel down the rapids each in our own tube. Mine toppled over and my feet kept slipping on the rocks below. I began to panick and taking in some water i was screaming for help while trying desperately to get a hold of my tube! Well I was unintelligible (to everyone on the bridge), they were laughing and daddy was pointing at me and saying look kids look at mommy she's having so much fun! They were laughing and having a great time watching me drown. Lol. my oldest, he must have been about 12(?) came up along side me and very calmly said mom it's ok, I'm here. Give me your arm I'm going to help you! I reached for him and he immediately grabbed my arm and everything was good:) needless to say my husband slept in the boys tent that night:)

Great, great times. Miss them but wouldn't give a million for the memories:-)
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A wonderful story and I hope that when you left that they built those stupid townhouses in such a beautiful area.

I'm not sure what happened about that. Don't know if they built them. I'm sure they did, somewhere.

Thank you, I'm glad you liked my story. Best job I ever had!