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i love nature every thurs i go to softball practice but i get there always about half an hour early so i can chill and look over at the green gras on the paying field where we train and i lisen to the wind blowing and the birds singing and the smell of the green grass. , when i was kid i used to sit on my bin in the front garden at night and listen to everything around me and watch the stars in the sky and wonder about random things it used to calm me down when i used to have stress in the household i sometimes do it now to help me chill out , i had a sleepover when i was at college we got drunk and playfighted as usual anyways get off the subject we decided to go through bear woods it was tipping it down the rain and we only had our hoodies on i had my used t-shirt on with my bullet for my valentine hoodie and jeans i was soaked lol we walking the woods and i looked around it was amazing i could smell the bark from the trees and the smell of rain i felt it on my skin all i could see was trees loads of them as far as the eye could see ive never seen such a beautiful place in my life i felt relaxing annd calm i felt conected to nature if that makes any sense i didnt want to leave it didnt bother me that i was soaked through and cold i just didnt care i started to climb the trees but the bark was too wet so i cimbed back down i loved it then my mates said we had to go it was getting late and they were all hungry so we left but it was such an amazing feeling to be in there
dreamgirl444 dreamgirl444 22-25, F Jun 3, 2012

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