once during an electrical storm on a hot humid summer night, i went outside and stared up at the stars through a dark cloudy vortex while electricity jumped and danced across the sky. as i raised my arms into the air i heard the sky crumble and then the rains began to fall, i could smell the ionized air and feel the static all around me. id never felt greater oneness with the elements before..
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That's amazing.

greatest feeling ever..

I bet. I'd love to experience the same thing. I often walk through forests and pretend I'm part of their kingdom. So much vibrant life dwells in the silence.

we are part of it, i dont feel right unless im surrounded by nature. i layed down next to a river off the trail in the tall grass and slept better than i ever have in a bed..

Yes you're right, we are. More accurately I should say that I like to cross the barriers that have me feeling separated.
That's amazing, and must have been so peaceful to drift off to the river's lull.

just as peaceful waking up. nature takes away all insecurities or worries, stress and sadness. everything society created

A lot of the time I wish that we could go back to the times when we lived in harmony with the earth, rather than working against her.

the way things are going i think one day we will.

Yes, 'tis an era of change.

so have you read anything about the blood moons?

Mmm no. Probably only vaguely in relation to moon phases and rituals etc. How come?

last time we had 4 in a row was 500 years ago, supposed to be a big deal..

Wow, thanks for telling me. I'll have to do some research on it. I have heard rumours of shifts.

no problem , we already shifted an inch or two after that record quake a few years ago or so i heard.

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