Most people live in a shell of their own and do not express their feelings. Some feel it too odd to express in front of people. Guess some people are natural with it and some people are stop themselves due to the culture they come from.

Expressing oneself freely is definitely a quality which not everyone possesses. I wish I was born with such qualities. I don't think though that I would be able to express myself truly in front of a group of people surrounding me & the day I do it, I would consider myself liberated..
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I get into trouble in doing this. But I still do it anyway. Lol

trouble? well maybe that's probably the bad side of it I guess ..

true. I lost people I cared about. sigh.

maybe they just did not understand you well enough at that point. Hopefully they would some day

I love sharing my true feelings. I feel liberated and empowered in an odd way, and there's less confusion and frustration.

that's really nice. Keep being yourself & you will truly feel happiness around you. All the best

Thanks. You too.