Tips To Spice Up Ur Sex Life - 1

Who doesn’t like a wife that likes to show off! The kind of wife that dresses like a **** even out of the bedroom, and preferably when she goes out. Short skirts, tight tops that show off her ****, high heels stilettos or boots - Yummy!

You have to be pretty secure to let your wife dress  like a **** but it’s well worth it when you see other guys with their eyes popping out of their heads as you walk into a bar with your exhibitionist wife on show, even better when you see them gawking while THEIR wife is there, and getting a swift elbow from a jealous wife who doesn’t want her husband looking at your sluttly dressed exhibitionist wife!

Shopping can be a fun time if your wife is dressed like a ****, going braless is an absolute must, and if the top is in the least bit see through even better. Make sure she has an extremely short skirt on and go furniture shopping - great fun when your wife tests those armchairs and sofas, or even better those kitchen chairs that allow a great up skirt view!

Don’t forget to have her bounce up and down on the sofa to check the springiness; your wife’s **** should be jiggling around perfectly with that lack of bra ;^)

Don’t leave out the assistants - have those exhibitionist wives approach the 20 year old Saturday workers and ask them stuff - with her focusing on another object and leaning over you’ll see their eyes wander trying to get a sneak peek down your wife’s blouse to get a glimpse of her ****, which if she’s as randy as you are should have lovely erect nipples by now. Sometimes a loose fitting vest works even better as she can lean over and offer up a clean view of one of her **** without too much trouble at all.

Take it from an expert - I love to have my wife flash as many guys as possible, I have lost count of the number of guys she has treated to a view of her **** and ***** purely while out shopping. The drive there and back can be just as much fun too! Those truckers need a smile on their face and a woody in their pants, after all without them things just wouldn’t get delivered, so get your **** wife to be an exhibitionist wife and get her flashing truckers on the freeway: p

sexycpl4uall sexycpl4uall
26-30, F
Feb 10, 2010