No Tall Talk Please

I love exuberance and the almost orgiastic feeling that makes me forget myself when I'm in excellent company.

But normally I'm rather reticent.  Haughty to some.  Shy to others.  Suffering from an inexplicable social disease.


Anyway, what i appreciate in my contact with people, apart from friendship, that treasure beyond price, is honesty. 

Courage is needed to speak out loud and it is admirable. 


This said, I can hardly stand people who don't shut up. 


I don't feel any need to hear the opinions of most people. 


They have every right to think whatever they want. 

They have every right to express themselves. 

It's constitutional and existential.

But many times especially the obtrusive

-I met many, alas for them-

only think they think.

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56-60, M
Feb 11, 2010