That Ugly Sucker?

That ugly sucker? Why I have half a mind to join a club and beat him with it. Why he reminds me of the Prince of Wales. Not the current prince of Wales, but one of the old whales. And when I say whales, I mean whales!
They should give him ten years in Levenworth
or Eleven years at twelveworth
or 5 and 10 and Woolworths!
Ladies and Gentlemen of the jury, don't be fooled. Phoenixpb may look like an idiot, he may sound like an idiot, he may even behave like an idiot, but don't let that fool you...he really is an idiot!
phoenixpb phoenixpb
61-65, M
5 Responses Jan 21, 2013

If you would make a commercial about yourself, I would buy the product! lolz

You're great! :)

LOL...I love ya anyway

It takes a fool to be a fool xxx

I dig him, man.