Another New Reborn

Well, after much contemplation and soul searching I went on eBay yesterday and purchased another reborn doll.

My first reborn, purchased in March this year is an open eyed baby, and I fell in love with her because of her beautiful expressive blue grey eyes. After watching videos on YouTube I realized that most people who take their reborns out in public have sleeping ones. I suppose that they are easier to pass off as real babies, should a passer by peek inside the pram or stroller. When you consider it, any small baby that is awake would probably be crying for a feed or diaper (nappy) change, whereas a sleeping one would be left to sleep as long as possible.

I was out with my reborn, Lily, the other day, and was freaking out at every passer by, fearing they might ask to see my baby who never sleeps because her eyes are always gazing at me or the world around her. I made up my mind to purchase a sleeping one that I can take to the mall without that trepidation creeping over me. After all, this experience is meant to be pleasurable. The hormone, Oxytocin, that gives one that comforting feeling from taking care of a baby is definitely working for me. Once I'm out on the sidewalk ( pavement ) out of sight of my immediate neighbours, pushing Lily along, I get a "high" akin to a runner's high.

So, I'm awaiting my new baby. She's absolutely beautiful. She's a bit smaller than Lily, but will be able to fit into most of her clothes ( 3-6 mths). She has a magnet in her head to hold a magnetic soother ( pacifier ) and she has pierced ears ( cute ) and wavy black hair. I can hardly wait to hold her. I've decided to call her Jasmine.
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I know what you mean by a HIGH. I like that too. I get good feelings when I hug my babies, each one is a little different in their hugs. My youngest daughter now 22 is pregnant with her first child 3 months along. She has trouble understanding about my babies. Won't be long before she will. Thinks I'm nuts now. But who cares. All I ask of her is to be respectful of them. I am quite ill and anymore of my own is out of the question. Now at 49 I'm now too old. I hug and kiss and talk to them normally . As normal as one could be talking to a doll. A good cuddle works wonders too. A powerful healing process in hugs. Sounds like others are experiencing similar feelings.

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It's so exciting looking for a new reborn, but also kind of stressful, I find. You want to pick one that really appeals to you, but you also need to watch your pocket book as they can be quite expensive. The lady who made my first one, Lily, put out another open-eyed one recently, but again, there was bidding only. I bid for Lily, but Jasmine was Buy Now, so at least I knew what I had to pay upfront. Out of all the dolls for sale this time, she was the one I kept coming back to. Hope you find one that you really really love, as I think it's so important to bond to them. It's definitely a huge part of the attraction to reborns. Keep me posted.