Here It Goes...

I've heard about reborn babies but never knew the name. I've always been wanting a child ((tried everything)) and my husband has been okay 100% with everything we have tried but nothing has worked. He has two little girls with his ex wife and I watched her have another child which ripped my heart out. It took me over 2 years to ask Him for a reborn baby and he helped me out picking one and the name of it. we are now working with a lady we found Etsy on making her, Cause before hand I found the same little girl that I feel in love with but the photo the lady had up was NOT the one she had made and when i seen the one she had made I just cried cause my heart was broken from that. It's still hard to talk to my husband about it cause I don't want to seem like I'm going crazy and other stuff that has happen in the past that makes me want a baby even more. I love this baby and I haven't even gotten her yet.
we are about to come up to our 4 year mark of being married and this is what he wants to get me and I think its the sweeties thing ever. it even asked if we wanted earrings and he said no cause he didn't liked babies to have them = )

that's round about my story...theres more to it but I didn't want to make it into a book <3
XxhaileexX XxhaileexX
Sep 12, 2012