So Im An Adult Who Loves Reborns

Why is everyone the first to put u done or tell u to grow up they are not real people understand this is hurtful ......I like my babies I change them hold them rock them. Never went out w them yet ....but ar have vacation comming up and been told to leave them at home ..should I or take them w us .....not sure why everyone must be bitter on them. I went out and baught diapers and the cashier said ur too old for diapers ......ugh or when u go out nd buy a baby item people ASUME ur going. To a babyshower. I just don't know wht to do people don't understandd me.......
lynnpoe lynnpoe
41-45, F
3 Responses Sep 16, 2012

I'm 41 and i just recently bought my first reborn baby boy! I don't see anything wrong in it, men have there toys like remote controlled cars and planes so why can't women have dolls.

Awww its not fair!!!! No one says anything to fully grown men, if they have a remote control car or plane, or if they play XBox or playstation. I love my reborn baby girl too. And I couldnt imagine leaving her at home if I went on a vacation(we say holiday no matter what time of year in australia) And Im thinking of going to Babys R Us, and taking my girl there in her pram for her first outing to the shops. Heeheeheehee just a bit worried if i bump into someone i know.

Just enjoy your little reborns, as any mother enjoys her baby. I change my babies, rock them, feed them, talk to them. I don't care what people think. I was sitting in the park the other day holding Jasmine, and an older man passed by. He saw me and gently smiled. He was completely fooled, but I wasn't out to fool him, not really. I was just being myself, indulging my love of my little reborn baby.