Im Getting My First Of Three Reborns Today.................

Hi everyone ,Im new here and new to reborn babies, I should be getting my first one today and I'm so excited ,but know one to share it with, I brought a baby bassanet and a baby pram the other day(just second hand out of Gum tree) and also some bags of clothes for girl size 0000,i just cant wait , what will people think of me? what will I tell them, so far I have down played it ,Like saying "oh I picked up this doll the other day" and "yes I got this pram for my sons baby, Everyone that knows me know I love dolls but that dont know that I love them like my own.How about you guys , how is it for you.? You see I couldnt carry Girls and lost 5, But my lovely boy 3 of them are perfect , they have grown up now But still need me, my youngest is 15 yrs old, my oldest is 24 and my dear son in the middle past away to cancer at the age of 11. I loved buying thier toys and clothes, I loved the feeling of pushing a pram, I missed doing that in the girls department, I love dressing up dolls in nice outfits.looking in store at the nice clothes for girl is going to be so much fun.I have been fighting cancer myself for the past 4 years too,I need to take my mind of that and into something I have always loved. When I was young I talked to my dolls I always looked at then as my childern, my little family, as I didnt have the family I always wanted,I grow up and had 3 lovely childern and love every last minute of it . now im starting out with my reborns, as i said I cant wait, but who will understand?
Thanks for reading my post hope to hear from you. Trish
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Congratulations on your new baby. Have you got a name? I am recieving my first doll in September. She is the Noah sculpt.

I am so is awe of your story, very much so , esp of losing the children and battling the big C word yourself. I think a reborn and reborn(s) would be the perfect thing, they take up as much time as you wish to give to them. I got my first just under a week ago and she was just made under a mo. ago . I named her Trinity Navaeh, I plan to get a lot more but I plan to bid on Listia and not so much ebay, and when I do get money I do want to adopt from the many adoption agencies out there, but I want a toddler next and maybe one (or maaaaybe) twin newborns!! I like 3 mo's ~6'm's and above and even maybe a 2 yr old :D:D I have a real life 8 yr old and a 18 and 22 yr old step daughters. I wish the best for you and stay in touch will you please as I wish to hear your story con't!!!!! :D:D ~~Carrie~~ (Trinity)

hi everyone, Well my dolls came But ones leg keeps falling upnand the other the arm keeps falling off both dolls had the same colour hair which awas fuzzy hair, not the light brown stright and the other with gold striaght hair,, the girl ones arms were not for that body the legs are smaller than the hands, the boys arms and legs just want to keep falling out, the art work well there was no art work, just 2 painted dolls and in eack dimple or cress there was red paint, i waited 3 months to get them, well i cried and cried, i emailed them to tell them about the dolls(they are not my babies look nothing like them) they told me they were not there best and if i like i can send them back which i have ,to America , opaypal cant help meas they are only covered for 40 days from payment, i didnt know that,ebay is the same, so off they went back all my money gone, but i pray they will make new ones as they say they will, sorry about spelling just cant stop crying no one can help me as Im in Australia, 3 weeks and they say they dont have dolls yet?, my children put in to help me get these doll to be my babies abit of fun as i go through my cancer treatment, they knew this,too to ashamed to tell anyone.$1000 for my dream babies, gone

just pray that they well fix it as they say they will

Oh, Trish, this breaks my heart. Check out my stories about the experience I had with my second reborn named Jasmine, and you will know that I understand your pain. Mine wasn't a bad outcome as I grew to love the "wrong" doll that was sent me but it took weeks to sort it out. You have to be so careful when purchasing an unseen doll on eBay or anywhere where you haven't actually seen the doll or the artist's workmanship in the flesh, so to speak. Is there any way you can get a refund and start over? It doesn't sound as if the reborn artist cares about her work or her reputation if she sends out such sloppy work. Did you send negative feedback rightaway on eBay? That would have helped her to get her act together. But, I shouldn't talk 'cause I've been there and I didn't want to believe that someone would do the dirty on me so I sent positive feedback so as not to hurt the person.

I think the emotional damage is what hurts most, more than the money, in the end.These dolls fill a void in our lives and we think of them as real, no matter if others don't understand and think us weird. ( Well, we don't think you weird, on this site, so let us support you and give you some comfort. ) I really hope you get this sorted out soon and I wish you all the best. Love love love from a reborn mum who cares a lot.

Hi Pramlover,
Thank you for understanding, I'm just hoping that they will do the right thing, no as they kept me in such good contact the 60 feedback had ended for ebay and the 40 day refund also ended before I realised that something was not right, I have kept all there emails but I'm not wanting to do anything just yet as they could still do the right thing by me, as they have said on all there emails so far, the thing is they have only written it but nothing has been done , still no babies, and now no reply. Funny pram-lover I don't what to send them bad feedback as I feel sorry for them as they say they are going though a hard time and that's why the reborns were all wrong!! All my emails back are nice and caring just in case they are telling the truth .i just pray that they email soon , tell me they have the dolls and they are making my babies now and will send them soon. I feel helpless in this.thank you for listing.take care and have fun, lots of sales on at the moment on baby clothes.

Hi everyone I haven't been around , but I'm back now, wow some great post I've just read on here and thank ou for your kind words .Sherry that's right wenarentbhurting anybody but enjoying ourselves , how can that be wrong? Hi oldnewmummy, new to meet you lovely people ,

I went to the summer sale today and got some really good summer clothes for my reborn Kristy, did you see the photos I posted? So what have you guys been up to? Hear from you all and again nice hearing from you all. I have some great new, my boys are getting me another reborn for Christmas, I picked him, his vinyle silicon it new, and very soft but cheaper than just silicon. His name is going to be Benjemen . I will get some photos of him soon and post them for you , so he will be my first little boy reborn.cant wait.

Hi Trish, I know how you feel. I just got my first reborn baby 10 days ago. And like you I didnt have anyone to share the experience with. I told a couple of friends, but they werent really excited or happy for me.

I also lost two babies in their pregnancies. And I have a 19yr old son who is autistic. He is a very special guy, but it can be very stressful at times. And for years I hoped to have more children, and really wanted a daughter one day. But I am 46 now and single, so the chances are a bit slim now. And with my son being autistic, he may not be able to have children, and I would of loved becoming a grandmother.

I have other dolls, a berenguer, that i am thinking of reborning, and a beautiful porclein doll. So it was a natural progression, to have a reborn doll. I chose the little girl that I found on ebay, because she looks just like me when I was a baby. I think she is about 6 months old, 00 size clothes can be a bit tight, so I buy size 0 for her. She is 24" and a bit chubby. And so so pretty with blonde curly hair. She came in a gorgeous satin organza dress with roses on it and she had angel wings on her back (that easily comes off) made of real feathers.

Like you I was very excited and got my son's old bassinet out. And also bought a pram i found on gumtree. And went out and bought some outfits. My son says I am crazy, and one of my girlfriends is a bit worried that I am being a bit odd. But other friends are a bit more supportive.

I adore my little reborn baby so much, I cant stop looking at her, and love to cuddle her, its so theraputic and relaxing. I have bought nappies and like to change her outfit at least once a day, and I even found bottles made especially for reborns and I am waiting for it to come in the post.

We arent hurting anyone, so why not enjoy our little ones. If it brings us joy and helps us to heal from our hurts and helps us to relax, then people should be more supportive.


I completely understand. I have always loved dolls, and just like you, I played with, talked to, and fussed at them when I was little. I have always wanted to collect them, but $ was tight raising 6 kids, so I just had to wish. Now they are all grown and I'm a "young" widow with a little money to spend on myself. The reborns are just simply works of art that move us to respond. No one that I know gets that. They think I've lost my marbles, but, hey, I'm enjoying the collecting, dressing, posing and just loving my new babies. I encourage you to just enjoy your baby and ignore what people think. My reborns are my Rembrants that give me a chance to use my still very good imagination!

Oh, I'm so moved by your story and your openeness to share it with us. I am truly sorry about your dear son who passed away so young.

Reborns are a wonderful help and comfort to so many of us in our various situations. I am expecting a custom reborn boy in about a months time. I already have two little baby reborn girls and felt I ought to get a boy to make my little family complete. I went shopping for him yesterday and got some cute little outfits in a secondhand shop. Brand new clothes are so expensive and I try to keep the costs down a little although I have to admit I indulge myself more often than I should! I take my sleeping reborn girl out in her pram now and then and my grown up daughter sometimes comes with me, so I'm getting more support now in my latest hobby and passion. It isn't going away any day soon, so I expect my family are caving in and not giving me too much flak about it. That helps. They can see how happy the dolls make me. Why would they not want me to be happy?

I forgot to tell you my three childrens names, Rosie she is 3mths but will not get here for another month, Tabatha only 2 mths ols should be coming today :-) and Im not sure what her name will be as yet but ?? is my toddler she should arrive here tomorrow.If Tabatha come today im going to do a box openning video of that , Fun fun fun. I have got a draw together with clothes I picked , but cant wait to hit the shops to get more lol.

.lol I just found out how to reply on here. :-)