Orderd The Silicone Baby Girl ...

Make a wish ordered my baby girl this week I'm so happy . Bring good thought till she is finely in my arms :) so it takes toupie reborn 2 mouths I be leave to make the doll so some time in FEB , so happy about it . .... My baby girl ...

If you are looking for a full body silicone cheek out ...
Toupie Reborns .com the best place
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3 Responses Dec 9, 2012

Toupie reborn is not permitted to be selling these dolls. Legal action has been taken against her by me. I am the sculptor of those dolls and she has an agreement with me to not produce them. She never sent my original sculpts back. And continued to use them for profit. DO NOT but from Toupie reborn. Please visit my website for full details of our agreement and to see photos of her copying vinyl kits and using them on the silicone dolls. Do not support blatant theft of other artists work for profit only.

That's great news! keep us posted as to you baby girls' arrival.

Omg ur soooo lucky!!! I love the silicone baby's there so beautiful and lifelike I would get one but at the moment I'm getting a custom Angelica I seriously can't wait :)