I Know I'm Not Crazy...

Hello there,
I'm 25 years old and just ordered my first So Truly Real Doll. I'm unable to have children and my biological clock is chiming. I'm naturally a very open individual but I was so embarrassed at first to approach buying a doll. My boyfriend of 5 years, at first wasn't very supportive so of course that didn't help.it soon grew on him. Even I'll admit, some things are just creepy, but I can totally understand. In today's economy, and psychos shooting up kindergarten class rooms things won't ever be the same. Needless to say He actually bought it for me. My mom is super supportive being that her aunts both played with dolls until the passed from old age, neither were married and both childless. I don't understand why people are so quick to pass total judgement. I guess it's just like politics. I've read such horrible things online. I don't feel sick. I'm not totally immature for my age. I'm dealing with the cards I was dealt. I want to walk my "baby" through the mall like anyone else. I want to feel like a mom. I've seen how people my age parent real children and to be honest, it disturbs me. I hope there are others out there that feel like I do.
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Welcome to the reborn mums, and some dads, I'm happy to see, on this site who are just like you. Some of us have had kids and some can't and some won't, for reasons in this world I can completely understand. Don't take any notice of the comments of people who are simply cruel or ignorant. Enjoy your reborn doll experience as I do, and many more like me. Check out all the stories written in this group and you will be encouraged. You are not alone.