Spektor's Music Is Just Amazing !

I started my 'love affair' ( - clever pun there :L ) with Regina's wonderful music at about 14 and my friends  sister, a student was listening to her album 11:11 and i have truly never heard ANYTHING like her quire and original style.  After year of playing her albums over and over and over again i finally got to see her live last summer at a music festival - T in the Park (In Scotland) and she really blew me away sounding better in person than recorded !! I love love love her music and although her new album 'Far' isn't one of my favorites its still an enjoyable listen. My apsoloute favorite Spektor album would have to be either 'Songs' beucase i love 'Oedipus' or 'Begin to hope' because in particular i love ' On the radio' , but hey who am i kidding i love most of her stuff anyway, she writes like no one does and her music touches me anyway like no other music can  :-)

emilywhatnot emilywhatnot
18-21, F
Feb 9, 2010