Anyone notice how lots of things add up to nearly one? Like the expansion rate of the universe. Anymore and it would crunch, any less it would not expand, There seems to be some over- riding principle governing laws of physics. If x=>1 our universe just doesn't even exist! 

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ohhh bb you must be wasted...no..one does not equal 0... but I like where you were going with it...see strong and weak must be in balance ying and yang the dark energy ripping apart our universe, gravity fighting a losing but <1 balance...for me its...elegant! Perhaps "God" is a five dimesional being at "his/her?" gambling den? ps note reference...does God gamble (Hawking)

Interesting conversation guys, but get back to ONE on ONE. I know this without ONE there wouldn't be any computing going on.. Yes ZeRo is there somewhere but it's still ZERO. So well, again ZERO & ONE is one on one. Isn't it such a odd stuff.. Oh well odd and odd adds up to even one + one. Then there again one - one is zero. <br />
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Hell, I am tired to make any sense of where I am going with this.. just one way street.. lol

funny geetar...didn't you want to maybe use solar heat instead of the immense/intense carbon footprint from wood? at least for that one hour? see we failed to adjust our every day attitude and good folks like geetar actually try to celebrate conservation by making things worse!

there seems to be some kind of order in science is all I was originally saying. I ask myself is there proof of a superior intelligence creatring all this or is it random chance.

hey if the slipper fits there ocean! lol seriously some people come here to actually focus on a like....subject ( ps subject line...science?) Here is an earth day+ science q & a...what did we accomplish today to save our lousy little blue marble

see I knew it...you grey matter types...ha... Destry is full of destiny in the getting it category...way more than the width of a parsec ( just a measure of sky so you know where to look (3 dimensionally) if we even are ...did you know...there is speculation (for good reason) that we may actually only appear to be three and may actually be only two dimensional

Who is Barbie? Me or Destry? <br />
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*morphing into hippie barbie*<br />
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I have to say, though, I do believe in intelligent design...there are just too many things that fit so well for it to have been a huge cosmic accident...

oh right geetar yeah..love guide to the galaxy...hey its okay Barbie no-one not even Hawking can comprehend what he knows, my idea is spark debate because I claim there is an intelligence to the whole big bang picture and 5 dimensions makes any "god" very big. I great quote I read recently in some science journal...' there probably was no god at the beginning of the universe but there is sure to at its end. This infers to me that in 30 billion years from now life will have advanced to what we could only perceive as godlike...controlling gravity, dark matter, home made black hole manipulating etc

Is this person in any of our circles? (If not, probably won't be...after this.)<br />
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Sorry, Quantumike...<i>Mea culpa</i>. I really do think science is cool...

Star Trek was pretty good at speculative science...it's a little amazing how similar things are now to how Star Trek was. Other than that whole beaming people up bit, of course.

Well, other than not really knowing what a megaparsec is...

Jack and Jacki...What?? As in Jack and Jackie <i>Assery</i>?? That's absurd.<br />
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And I was sort of trying to get into the spirit of science here. You guys were bringing up the Hitchhiker's Guide. I was just being a different kind of nerd for a minute.<br />
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And yes. I saw a post Destry wrote on String Theory a while back. She could hang with this discussion.

There are a lot of things that are "nearly" one. We could philosophize on that for a while. But for the time being, I will just demand that I may or may not be Vroomfondel. (Just until Geetar finishes with his calculations.)

without going back and relearning everything I will challenge my quicker math buddies to confirm/deny that there are many other equations that come 'near ' the number 1. strong force, weak, etc??? geetar, what is the 42 in your elequent discourse?