One of my favorite lingerie is a garter belt and stockings. If we are going out for the evening I will wear a dress with only a garter and stockings. I get turned on knowing he will take me at his choosing.
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i like your style girl


That is exactly why I don't own a pair of jeans or pants nor do I own pantyhose. I only wear garter belts and stockings.

Very sexy

Love these!

oh so hot :)

Very sexy! I would get turned on too if we went on a date

That is so sweet of you.

HStoner, I am the lucky girl for having a wonderful husband.

I am glad you see it that way. From your posts, it appears that he is very fortunate to have you as well.

Your partner chose wisely.

A garter with stockings are so sexy

Very very sexy

And just maybe a few others will see what treasures lay hidden, and if they are really lucky, may also get to sample... now that would be a hot night! ;)

Lovely if I were in a restaurant I would love to finger you under the table, no one would see but you would get a bit wet down below.

What no knickers just stockings and garter, very naughty.

Naughty but very nice ;O).

Your getting turned on?
Lucky guy!!! Lucky us!!! How lovely!
Pat x

That is a very sexy thought!