Since Then Men Have To Honerable To Take Advantage Of A Sleepy Drunk Girl ...... Damb !

young, just turned 18. id drank a littel too much at a house party, curled up on the matresses layed on the floor for those of us who were staying the night, around 3 i fell asleep, first asleep as alwase sometime after that i was arroused slightly by the others coming to sleep i saw him come to lie next to me, a new friend i liked him alot the alcohol still pooring through me. he offered me an arm and i cuddeled in to him and fell back asleep. sometime later i became awear of his fingertips tracing patterns so gently on the palm of my hand, i cuddled in to him more still half asleep.

An eternaty passes, and his fingers have traveled up my arm his touch getting fermer. affrade i would scair him or wake the others asleep in the room i layd so still and quiet. slowly and gently he moved his body across the length of mine, his hands entered my dress and skiped lightly over my person. he presses in to me and turns me guiding my body back he begins to lower his body down ontop of me. i can feel his eyes on me checking for any signes of wacking, i tease him and flicker my eyelids a littel, his body goes tence hes right over me now and i can feel his heart beeting out of his chest. i offer a slight reashuring sleepy moan and he relaxes. he puches a knee between my thighs, and his hands find the clasp to my bra. 

i have to count my breaths im enjoying this too much for him to get scaired off now. i feel him outside my clothes hes enjoying this too his trembeling hand trying despretly to finde an entrance to my panties, awear now of the breathing of every person in the room. his slim body now lying accross me feels walm and heavy pressing on my chest. i want to oppen my eyes to see him to touch him, it takes all my strenth not to move i can feel his breath on my lips now, a walm moist hand relents in my underwear and travels back out of my dress up my body he strokes the hair away from my face and his fingertips trace a line along my throte, i cant help it i part my lips a littel and hope he dident notice, no its ok his lips have touched mine, so full and walm  he kisses my bottom lip.

i could go on its so etched in to my memmory.  i have never had an experience like that again, after that he began dating my friend, id left it too late, i still feel a touch of that excitement when i see him that was an amasing night, and i cant eaven tell him i knew, since then men have to honerable to take advantage of a sleepy drunk girl ...... damb!

im sure i cant be the only one in the world who likes to be on the receving end of somnophelia. but it would be nice to heer from anyone who has had simalar feelings. leave a comment   xx

charmed515 charmed515
1 Response Mar 4, 2010

You're def not the only person who enjoys sleepy sex. Until I read your story I was mortified that there was something really wrong with my thoughts of pleasing a woman while she pretended to be sleeping. It wasn't until I realized I wouldn't be into it AT ALL, if there was any chance that she actually WAS asleep. Does anyone know what this kind of kink this is called btw? Somnophelia is more into someone being sleep. I must bravo charmed 515 for being oh so coy! I just hope to meet someone who will share in that experience with me one day. If so I promise not to skimp on the details for you. ;)