Sleep and sex are almost synonyms.  That's weird.

Aren't we wide awake when we have sex?  isn't it a heightened level of conscience?  Isn't an ****** a moment of enlightenment?

The answers to these questions are less evident at second sight.  Men and women experience an ****** rather differently.  And sexual heat leads to a narrowing of the focus and the exclusion of all the rest.  For me it even can implicate a defiance of the world.  I become a daredevil.  

No beauty like a sleeping beauty.  The face in rest, safe and peaceful in the embrace of Morpheus.  It gives a thrill.

Another one is touching the sleeping beauty to a floating state between sleep and life and to wake her flower to an early dew.

The slow dance of almost unconscious bodies gearing up to ecstatic frenzy is so pure and cinematographic. 

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or is it pheromones, Sylph, Roy?

Could it be pheremones, Roj? ...hmm........ the scent of the man lying beside me........ hmm...... oh yeah! <br />
*Sylph's wandering imagination*<br />
<br />
Sure! Pheremones it is. ;)

Thank you so much, all of you...

Those last 2 sentences were amazing haha

Nicely described! <br />
<br />
What amazes me is the way you can get woken up to it, whether by action of your partner or just spontaneously. Pheremones are doing something there...

Hmm..............yeah.......... ;)