Intelligence Is Such A Turn On

My husband is very intelligent, but is not a conversationalist. We were going to the same Psychiatrist due to some traumatic things that were happening in our life. We went in together some times but not always. My husband was very quiet most of the time, and the Dr. who treated me for 17 years became like a friend to my husband and me. He always gave us plenty of time for the med check, but he'd just have conversations with us. I'm interested in medicine and Psychiatry especially. I was always borrowing his medical books and journals. That impressed him and after many conversations, and having seen some of my writings, he began to encourage me to go back to college.

We had many intellectually stimulating conversations about so many things and realized we had a lot in common. I came to believe I felt more for him than I should, but I was always open and honest with him, and thank God he told me that the first law of medicine is to "Do no harm", and that would harm me, and he knew that I could never betray my husband and live with myself, and that he doubted that I would do that anyway. We continue to see him and have enjoyable conversations, and he's a dear friend and a wonderful Dr.

Beyond intelligence in a man is just the sound of their voice. Some people may go for looks, but I go for intelligence and love when my husband talks to me.

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1 Response Jul 19, 2010

You are so lucky to have someone insync with you intellectually as well as emotionally and physically.. I envy those who has found their partner stimulating. I am in a friendship with someone mentally stimulating but not committal and non emotional available yet :(<br />
<br />
...I wish you all the best.