Good Night, My Love

Good Night, My Love

I’ve lived my life as a miser --- you know: “He loves only Gold”.

However, when I heard Gloria Estefan’s interpretation of: “Good Night, My love” ---- What beautiful music and lyrics --- and the best interpretation I’ve ever heard. I’ve never liked Gloria, until I heard her sing: “Good Night, My Love”. --- If that link doesn’t work, go to YouTube and enter “Good Night My love Gloria Estefan”. I often cry when I hear her sing it.

As the old saying goes: “As thou shalt make thy bed, so shall you sleep in it”.

The point of my missive is that I chose to advance my career and making money, over ever having chosen a relationship. Thus haven chosen, I have no one, in the autumn years of my life to say “Good Night” to.

Sorry for myself? No. Disappointed? Yes. To reference to the late Edith Piaff: “Non de rien de rien, non je ne regrette rien” (I have no regrets). Yes, I do. If I could choose life over, again, I would sleep in a pup-tent with a loved one. And to hell with my career and the money I’ve earned. Just don’t make the mistake I’ve made. You CAN have a career and a loved one. So sorry that I didn’t make the right call.
jim3130 jim3130
May 8, 2012