And I Can't Stand Them Any Other Way

To me, a non-smart man is the biggest turn off in all the world.  A man who is smart and can converse shows me several things.

  1. He can grasp concepts and principles as opposed to simple fact memorization.
  2. He can apply principles across subjects.
  3. He has interests.
  4. He is fluent in language, both written and spoken.

Someone who just parrots things he has heard and has no original thought not only bores me, he repulses me.  It is even worse when they think they are smart and they aren't!  I'm not really a snotty ***** but I do have high standards and that's just the way it is.  I simply am unable to tolerate anything less.  It has made it simple to separate the potential wheat from the chaff though!

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15 Responses Feb 9, 2010

@BD - thanks for the encouragement<br />
@NIL - let me repeat today;s lesson. If I want to get into the pants of a smart-looking woman, I must complement her brains first. The really smart ones might see through my trick, but hopefully it will still work for me. <br />
My innate intelligence makes educated guesses about the requirement for large respiratory capacity. Could it be a corollary to the "good in bed" paragraph ? I must warn you that it may backfire, especially in marriage. A husband who can hold his breath long enough may talk back during a marital argument. You see, I'm also good at imagining things which may never happen.

Absolutely nothing is wrong with it, @NIL! Anyone who doesn't want that isn't worth considering anyway! @AT - soldier on!

BlackDress - I deplore the lack of gender equality -:). Imagine your post, only with reversed roles for genders. "Man seeks intelligent, clever, witty woman". I'm at the point of posting an ad like this in a local dating site, but my earlier attempts suggest I will be shouted down as haughty, snobbish or uptight. It becomes messy.

OOPS! I thunk I double posted!



Also, I am compelled to add - He doesn't need to be FROM Georgia, just there now. ;-) See, relaxed criteria on my part...

@A, whatEVER do you mean???

Ok, I have to say JJ's got it right. Excellent sense of humor is a fundamental requirement too! A couple of other attributes also, but this story is about the head - I mean BRAIN.

He works in mysterious ways Steve!!

@Steve - I never said he has to be a lucky gambler, Lol!

Think you might be treading on thin ice there Steve ... haha <br />
I agree with you blackdress ... a hard man is good to find as Mae West said and I say that a hard man with a good mind is probably even harder and better to find!!!

Hahaha you two! I agree with you Blackdress, there is nothing more attractive than a man who can engage in intelligent conversation. Add to that a sense of humour and you've hit the jackpot!!

I don't're pretty hot! And way smart....

If you were a guy, I'd date you.... :-p