Do Some Personal Experiments

This is very easy have to carry some weight ..then only you will know...close all doors..don't pierce...just press with the metal which is cheap and rusty in your ears and nose.whenever your male ego comes above don't suppress it...kindly do all things in the odd way to know the difficulty.if you do something comfortable nothing will happen. Be a MAN and stand up to the challenge.KIndly don't wound others. Kindly don't share these type of stories as millions of people are getting spoiled. They may have some other psychological dis orders but they may wrong identify with your rotten psyche and get spoiled because most of the people who come to this site are teen agers only. Now every male is producing only girl child. If even the male who are now are turned into female , the society which is brutal and violent will take over and nobody will be there to defend the soft natured and good persons who cares for the society.Kindly think all about this in society's perspective. If you want to enjoy, enjoy privately..By saying your experience you are going to more spoil the society than contributing useful to the society. Take care...Think all things in right perspective..This is not for challenge. But for experience which will make us ourselves realize our mistakes and not spoiling the society in any manner even if we get spoiled. IF YOU SPOIL SOCIETY, YOU WILL PUT MORE BAD KARMA AND THIS WILL AFFTECT NOT ONLY YOU BUT THE WHOLE WORLD.IT WILL BE GOING ON ENDLESSLY WITHOUT ANY REDEMPTION.
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Jan 11, 2013