Modeling Purposes

I am a heterosexual female who enjoys the artform of the female body. Between my modeling career, and hanging out with artistic friends, I have just come to believe that the female form is more artful than the male form. Although, I do enjoy the male form for other purposes. :P
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This is bullshit. <br />
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The male body is absolutely gorgeous, just different to the female form. Look at Art History and you'll quickly realise how frequently the male form has been held up as ideal and beautiful. <br />
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The current belief that the male form is not beautiful is largely because most men today take little if no care of their physical appearance, ba<x>sed on the ridiculous belief their bodies aren't desired by women.<br />
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Which is also bullshit...

Ok... Except they choose not to look good. Everyone knows attractiveness is important, males have to meet standards too. Obviously I would say a guys body is beautiful IF he's really in shape, tan etc. Most guys just don't look that great, and it's bullshit that girls don't go for the hot guys.

Hi all, Can some help me answer a question. I used to go out with a girl that wasn't what I would call fat, but something resembling cupid body figure, sort of like a lot of the nude women in victorian oil paintings are depicted as. I heard there is a a technical name for this natural body shape, and no, don't say Hour Glass, that is not the answer I'm looking for. I was told the answer by my ex girlfriend years ago, but forgotten. Please, please help to answer this, I desperate need to know, and it's 1:22am here in the uk now.

I agree 100% AddieBaby! And not because I am a guy but the flow of a woman's body is from head to toe and everything elegant and soft in between!! I just adore the female body....My G/F loves to pose and that makes everything and anything possible in a photo! I believe erotic pictures can capture fantasy with just the female form all by herself!!

I agree that there is nothing more beautiful than the female body. I am a big fan of them short, tall, buxom, flat, brown, pale, clothed or not. I expect that it's innate within me, from millions of years of evolution more than hundreds of years of cultural expectations. But who knows? <br />
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I do enjoy the company of artists, and have posed (nude) for female friends of mine that enjoy sketching figure models. They always seemed so appreciative to have the opportunity, and I am always pleased to provide them what they want. Sometimes this has led to interesting stories...and it's always led to interesting fantasies for me, and hopefully sometimes also for them.

Truly, nothing is more beautiful than the female body.