My Worship Of The Female Body.

I have been obsessed with the female form from a very young age. A friend of the family was an artist and mentored me in my creative endeavors from the time I was 9 years old. He gave me a book and encouraged me to reproduce "old masters" and of course I was drawn to the classic nudes of Ruben, the twisted paintings of Hieronymus Bosch and later the impressionist nudes of Degas. When I was in my preteen years my conservative father didn't seem to mind me reproducing these master works so I considered that a green light to begin pushing the envelope a bit. By the time I was in my mid teens I was collecting Alberto Vargas and Elvgren pinups and using them as "Art Reference" and wouldn't get any static as long as I wasn't posting them on wall for my sisters to see. When I was 17 the stack of Playboy and Penthouse magazines found under my bed were easily dismissed as more material to study for my craft. The drawing class in college had a live nude model for figure studies and that really opened the flood gates and for many years I drew and painted so many nudes that my mother once asked me why. I just told her, "I'm not good at drawing clothes". My kids attended Catholic Schools and when my daughter was in kindergarten the teacher asked if anyone knew an artist so she quickly shot her hand in the air. The teacher called on her and asked who it was and what they painted. My daughter proudly proclaimed "It's my Daddy and he paints naked ladies in the basement!". My wife made ME go to the parent teacher conference. I still draw and paint nudes and have said several times that I'm going to focus on other subject matter but i just keep coming back.
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Great area in which to develop and expand your talents and interests

Your story about your daughter's teacher is precious. I am Catholic too, and find posing nude to be highly erotic, fun and occasionally remunerative. The subject always raises an eyebrow when people talk to you.

Good for you, please stick to it, if that is where your heart is.

great story. i have always worshipped the female form, but my father discouraged my art thinking it was sissy work. I was very into photography and collected photo magazines, particularly those with nudes in them. He thought that was perverted. In adulthood I continued my love of the female form and photography and took courses and once had photos of mine in a show. That was in the days before digital. Now, I don't do much and the darkroom is in several boxes in the ba<x>sement. I would love to see your work, do you have photos and drawings?

My wife and I both posed for an on-line group of artists. It's been a while and we've lost touch but It worked out for the artists to get a variety of models and were able to pose them in a less than ideal manner. The painting one artist gave to my wife is one of her most treasured possessions! BTW Nudes are timeless but clothed models make paintings dated very quickly!

I love how beautiful women can look through mens eyes.... if that makes sense. Women often look in the mirror and see their faults and flaws so apparent, and thats what they focus on. I know many men actually see beauty. In the eye of the beholder indeed!

I spend alot of time "beholding"

Well, you cant get it wrong now :D

Hilarious, and disturbingly familiar. ;)<br />
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I find that the study of the female form has a profoundly positive effect on the quality of my landscape painting. Go figure. (sorry for the pun)<br />
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And, now that I know who the artist is for your avatar, I may need to add you just to see any of your other work.

Your paintings are beautiful-- especially since they show the wrinkles and tummies of real life women, but even these look beautiful the way you've drawn them. I can see why you keep doing it-- it is what you do best. If you were my husband I would love to pose for you and would cherish that painting.

Alberto Vargas and his Vargas girls - loved them when I was a youth, still have a carry a blond Vargas gal in my iPhone that reminds me of my wife. I have used Vargas abd the masters poses for my own photo poses of my wife and other men's wives that I have had the pleasure of shooting nude.

If you are not already familiar check out Olivia de berardinis,she does some amazing work.

I do like your paintings and drawings. It is good to pose for an artist, then you will be forever young and beautiful, immortalised in oils. You can't go wrong!

Nice Avatar.

Totally agree, the female is an amazing creature, her beauty and form to be cherished and explored

is this your wife here on your page ??

Sadly my wife wont pose

ohh ok thats cool ,it is a good drawing