What I Would Like To Do.

I want to start by licking your eyes lips while moving my hands all over your body. I pull over your shirt from the top rip your bra covering your boobs and start to lick them and till you go mad by the *** sucking.
I wanna thrust my mouth on your lips, my **** thrusting on your *****,
Put my hands on your waist run my hands towards your round buttocks, cupping and squeezing them. I wanna push my rock hard **** in your ****. I am ******* right now thinking about you.

I could **** your **** by thrusting my 10 inches in to your wet **** and I want to *** in you while wildly sucking your lips. I want to lower my boxers and take my **** and start shaking it wildly while grabbing your hand and guiding it to squeeze my ****, and explode into your hand, with your palm cupping my balls to take my ***** while I suck your nipples.

I could **** you more and more for hours and hours I wanna kiss your thick lips take your lips in my mouth like a hungry beast my tongue running all inside your mouth my **** rubbing your wet **** making it sticky. I’m gonna take your nipples in my mouth licking them wildly biting them opening my mouth widely and taking the whole breast inside my mouth and crushing with my teeth making you scream with pleasure.

Im gonna kiss you on the thigh close to your **** so you go out of control and grab my hair and push my mouth into your ****. I will then bring out my tongue out and start licking your wet **** first Ill lick all your juices and penatrate my tongue deep inside your wide open **** and tongue **** you. Please let me.

Please take the tip of my **** and started rubbing it on your nipples, then you could start sucking me off, as if I were ******* your mouth. Take my **** completely in to your mouth, run your tongue all over my **** while I move my hips while pushing my **** inside your mouth.
I want to **** your **** put my **** tip at the entrance and rub you there till you moan and beg me to **** you thrusting in to your **** wildly grabbing your boobs and squeezing them thrusting my hard **** inside your **** like a wild horse till you ******.
I can imagine biting your **** hard and wildly then while keeping the nipples in my mouth ******* again my **** still getting harder and harder by each thrust just moving my hips to keep up the ramming exploding my *** inside your **** like never ending flow each drop bringing different kind of pleasure.
I also wanna lick your *** hole. I wanna insert my finger in your *** and started finger **** your ***. Then I wanna put 2 fingers and start rigorous finger ******* your ***. Then I wanna slowly put the tip of my **** on your *** hole and started shoving it inside your *** hole very slowly. I want to keep my **** in your *** for a few minutes till your *** muscles grip my **** firmly. Then im gonna **** your *** hard till I *** in it.
To really enjoy *** ******* please try this at home. While ************ please take some ky and put it all over a finger then while your rubbing your ***** with one hand put that ky finger gently in your *** and finger **** your ***, while you *** you will be torn apart by your ******. Try it !
maharajaram maharajaram
31-35, M
Jan 8, 2013