Never Change Heart In Me.

I was born in south amercan a hispanic baby i never seen my birth mom and my dad. Sad life cant say it i moved to Kentucky in 89 born Feb-24-86 i love this place. As i change my life seem fine i go to Bible study and try to be friends with everyone i'm the only boy from another place they seem the same why? I enjoy my lone life i have now3 sisters and one brother 2 and me in parts of the world and my two sister born in KY i love them alot. I wounder could life be easy or heard on all of us what we face and what will come in the future? Single now no worry and no mate yet i the same man and the same heart in me i get a few spankings and we born like that to learn and other dont want to careless they are. how the life u have and what u think of it what was the best time and sad time and spanking time u face?
gingaman gingaman
26-30, M
Nov 26, 2012