I adore planets really.

Under the transit of Venus two years ago I, was up early to see it. A mother of two had brought her kids to see it. I really appreciate her for bring her kids even if it was that early. A lot of amateur astronomers had put up their equipment and where happy sharing it with anyone that wanted to see the transit. When it was one of her kids turn she looked into the telescope and said “look it's the moon”. Her mother calmly looked at her and explained that it was not the moon that she saw but another planet. I was lucky too see in this young girls eyes how her mind was blown away buy the concept.

That's a real story on how a young astronomer was born.

dactylion dactylion
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i adore u.

Well thank you, or are you comparing me with a planet?, are you saying I'm fat?!

lol huh..? was a compliement