The World Is Bound With Secret Knots...

I went there on my 30th birthday.  One of the best birthdays, one of the best days of my life, actually.  I saw so many amazing things that day, but this was definitely the highlight.  I haven't spent a lot of time in Los Angeles (only three days), but if you are ever there, please don't miss it!  It is the kind of place that will make you feel like you are on acid, without having to be on it.  It is dark and tiny and has a tiny reading room filled with wonderfully weird books.  The volunteers are smart and friendly, and it is relatively inexpensive compared to many museums.  A must-see for a jurassic, yet interactive experience.  Check out the website, for upcoming exhibits.   
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2 Responses Nov 2, 2007

I would love to visit this museum!

What exactly is it? Just the phrase "Jurassic technology" strikes me as rather odd. :?