The Sky

Astronomy hes been one of my obsessions since I was very young, I have always been fascinated by the sky.
But the next best thing from reading about is obviously seeing it for yourself. This is one of the many reasons why I am not a city person, I like bonfires, beaches and stargazing. The sky is one of the many things that make me feel connected to nature, for me, the sky is like looking into the depths of a vast ocean. It just amazes me that each tiny point of light is actually enormous ball of burning gas, much larger then our star. its common knowledge, but the thought always amazes me. Most people who have lived in large cities have never even seen the true beauty of the night sky. It is just amazing staring at the sky with millions of lights shining on you, it gives me peace of mind. 
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3 Responses May 5, 2012

i always felt something special with the sky i sometimes talk to it and wonder sometimes i look to it and cry and others i smile its like my best friend an yet i wonder at tis beauty evry moment i see it its enchanting i maybe dont look to the sky the same way u do but its more spiritual to me i love the sky i love the feeling of the sky like its 3d i always thought what if i can touch the sky in my hands but then i wouldn't love that much or keep enthusiatic about it that much prett much crazy huh?

I feel the same way. I like night time in general, outside, and the night sky. I live in a city now and here I don't even try to see the stars... it's too frustrating. But I've been in the desert- the best place to see stars... some places in the American desert are hundreds of miles from any lights. I bought a telescope years ago, and even in the city I could see planets, the moon in detail, etc. After reading your post, I am really missing the REAL night sky, in the country, where you can see so many stars.

Omg, when you live out in the country, you get thousands more stars above you. Its so peaceful. :) Alone, out, looking out at all the complex constellations, and farther than that, the universes we will never know about... all your problems seem puny, and your dreams, seem like they are right there. Up in that sky.