I Watch The Moon These Days

I remember reading a book about constellations in childhood. It was my favourite book back then. It had all those greek mythological stories about the constellations and their names and how to recognize them. I'd often take the book along and climb onto the roof and spend hours stargazing. time passed, i grew up and moved to New delhi from the small town i used to live in. but this love for watching the night time sky never faded. I don't know if you have ever noticed but it's impossible to star gaze in big cities. all that smog hides them from our naked eye. a few stars that are visible are so far apart that you could almost share your lonliness with them. I now watch the moon instead.... Every day i see it lose a part of itself till it's lost in the dark. and then i watch it slowly claim its existence back again. Only to lose it once more. I used to wonder wouldn't it be better to simply let it go. as we always say, accept things the way they are. Wouldn't it be better if the moon just let it be and rested in the dark? It can't be that difficult. But i realized that if it let go, if it accepted things as they were all i'd ever see was the dark sky. and it would still be there but invisible and alone.... in the company of thousand stars but still alone. So i now watch it everyday and try to remember how important it is to hold on to yourself... to never let go....

cherrytaught cherrytaught
26-30, M
Nov 28, 2012