The Best Moment Of My Childhood

when I was little I went camping with my dad. The place was by the beach and there were some nearby shops. It was night time and all of a sudden the whole area lost power. Everywhere was so dark people started to look around the find a candle or something, until we looked at the sky. IT WAS THE MOST BEAUTIFUL  THING I HAVE EVER SEEN. everywhere from side to side, every inch of the sky was full of stars. everyone was just amazed by its beauty. everybody just laid on the sand and watch the sky for hours. My dad explained to me sky, stars, galaxies all night. I've stopped talking to my dad 10 years ago and I was never close to him except that night.  That was the only time I've felt so close to my dad and so far away from the reality that we live in.

Bleat Bleat
26-30, F
Feb 14, 2010