Vintage Oscar

The other day I was thrifting, just another day.... and I was looking for new items for my shops. I found a few okay items, one or two cute items, but the Salvation Army I was at was really overpriced. These stores in my area, the prices have skyrocketed in the past 2 years. So I pretty much passed much of it by. I laid my hand on a dress that I hadn't even laid my eyes on yet & I could tell by the feel of the fabric that it was something I had to have. That it was something fabulous. I threw open the rack & there was a classic modern forest green dress, very heavy made, had to have been designer by the look & feel. I took it off the rack & excitedly looked & sure enough, there it was. Oscar de la Renta. Vintage. Oscar de la Renta. Oh what a find! It wan't anything fancy. Something you might wear to the office or a classy night out, you could dress it up with jewelry & heels. It's look fantastic with a pillbox hat! I browsed around some more & went home. The next day, I had told my friends about it on Facebook, because I was going to sell it. They wanted to see a picture of it. So I took it to my photography room & instead of putting it on the mannequin, I put it on me! I had no intention of trying it on. Now, I had recently put on some weight, so nothing has been fitting me, especially the beautiful vintage clothing I find. I fit perfectly. The satin feel of the lining was fabulous. I didn't want to take it off. I couldn't believe it! The sleeves are puffy at the top & go narrower towards the bottom, the waist is fitted with a straight skirt. I feel very classy in it. And very high fashion. I
I've decided since I couldn't find a Christmas dress this year, and today is Christmas Eve, I'm going to wear it for our family party tonight. I can't wait! I may eventually sell it somewhere down the road, but I believe that, that dress was put on that rack at that time for one reason. Me. =)
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Fantastic - that would be like a dream come true for me!