Its So Damned Easy Being a Man

Especially when the world is full of women.  Inhale them.  Watch them.  Ah yes, and make them sigh.  It is so damned easy being a man.
Upandatem Upandatem
36-40, M
4 Responses Aug 17, 2007

I can not agree with you more Scout. But the only woman I don't look at in a sexual manner is me dear mom. <br />
All others are fair game.

Hey, I aint exactly used to having to chase my felines around. Just blow me off -- if you think I am the big bad wolf. Yes, come to think of it, that is exactly who I am.

Here kitty kitty.<br />
Why don't you answer my e mail? I can see you are online. I can see you opened my mail. It's football season!

Hey kitten,<br />
Thanks for the email. I caught your forum post last night about giving your fantasies away. Why did ya erase it? Damn if it didn't have me humming all day. Erotic as hell. You should write this stuff for a living. A little too sweet for my tastes but then I could do nothing but taste you all. ****. <br />
Okay I'm back. Something came up that I had to deal with. Give me another day like today kitten. Or marry me. Your choice.<br />
And uh, like wow! Is that the best you can do sober?