A "chicken Or The Egg" Story...

Sat., May 20, 2012 - After years of suspecting a thyroid problem I was finally diagnosed (Dx) in the year 2000 with "hypothyroidism" but to me that was just the tip of the iceberg. Thyroid meds didn't do much for me, only when on T4 plus a small amount of T3 did I feel a difference, but my endo liked to go by tests results and because my T4 appeared low she increased it and that made me feel worse, then shortly thereafter she moved to another town, not really close to me so I had to find another endo and I was not successful at all. In frustration I ended up seeking the help of a naturopath because I've always preferred more natural treatments anyway. She said I appeared to have candida overgrowth and she started me on a total body cleanse and a diet. After 3 mo. I'd made some progress but I couldn't continue treatment so I went back to my PCP because that was covered by my insurance, and I persuaded him to give me Armour, but for me that was a big mistake, in a few days I became "hyper" and that was a scary and unpleasant experience. After that a new endo and later an internist told me I didn't need thyroid meds because my TSH was normal, and since I didn't feel jittery or anxious without I preferred it that way, the only problem is that whenever I've been under stress it appears my thyroid "tanks" again.

During the brief time I was medicated I attended a popular thyroid forum and did a lot of searches, all this led me to learn several things, one is that people with adrenal issues can't tolerate thyroid T3 very well, that probably was the reason why I seemingly went hyper with Armour. I learned that when the thyroid slows down the adrenals have to pick up the slack, conversely, when there's too much stress (which is what happened to me just before my Dx in '00) the thyroid slows down supposedly in an effort to force us to stop the fast pace, but in this modern world far too many women are forced to be "Superwomen" who never scrtop, I was a single Mom going to school and having a p/t job prior to my crash, but I had other unidentified crashes before which were just treated as depression, anxiety, etc. I also learned there's a relationship between celiac (gluten intolerance), which I believe I have, and Hashimoto's Thyroiditis, the type of problem I'm sure I have even though I was not correctly diagnosed.

To make matters worse, I lived in 2 places where I was exposed to mold and that made things worse. I lived in S. FL where humidity is constant 8 mo. of the year, so I moved even to another state to try to get away from some of that . I began to improve but have made the mistake of eating gluten foods and also dairy, which for me is just as bad, and coupled with periods of new stress that has led to 2 new thyroiditis attacks in the last 6 months, not good, as my previous one had been 2 years ago. My most recent attack, which I'm still going through, began on 4/30. In February I started making exceptions to my g/f diet and by March I already began feeling the crippling fatigue and depression, numbness in my wrists when I slept and just a feeling that something wasn't right, then all of a suddenn on 4/30 my heartbeats got out of control and I felt like I was having a panic attack, but along with the rapid hearbeats a host of other bothersome symptoms arose, like colics in my abdomen, frequent BMs, nausea/queasiness, high blood pressure, extreme nasal congestion, then swelling of the thyroid and apnea attacks due to that, etc.

I believe these attacks, which usually last several weeks, are triggered by a combination of eating the wrong foods plus stress because of my exhausted adrenals. Last year I had one not long after moving to an apartment from a stressful roommate situation, then because the a/c broke down and I had to endure the heat for 5 days (and I'm very heat intolerant!) I ate quite a bit of ice cream, also bread and cheese, and just like now the first signs were fatigue and depression and then I "graduated" to a full-fledge thyroiditis attack. took an adrenal support supplement plus DHEA and that was a big help and just 3 days ago I remembered I had a bottle of a different type (dessicated adrenal tissue) from which I only took a few caps so I dug it out and started taking it and after the 2nd one my palpitations actually calmed downX, I also added DHEA 25 mg. 2X/day. Up until that moment taking calcium, magnesium and potassium had helped some but not enough so I was thrilled to be able to rest from that, and I also feel less depressed and anxious (I was having very overwhelming bouts of both) and I've had confirmation it's the effect of the Adrenal supplment because when I'm late for my next cap I am reminded by my symptoms beginning to come back.

On the 4th day of my attack I went to a clinic and I've had blood drawn twice, so far my TSH was high but apparently cortisol was "normal", although I put no faith in a blood test. My liver enzymes are high, which they already were 2 years ago and as I recall once before years ago, so this may be a long-standing problem which btw, I've read also can affect th adrenals (but I need to do further research). I should get some thyroid meds next week, I'm hoping to convince the doctor to give a T4-T3 combo, I will not take T4 alone as that's totally pointless, especially in my case because the conversion to T3 happens in the liver...
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May 19, 2012