Earthing And Meditation Have Helped

I am a 64 year old male and have fought adrenal fatigue since I was a teenager. I had blood poisoning as a small child which went systemic and I almost died. This along with parental units who were in a constant war when I was a child, set up the physiological basis for hyper sensitivity to my home environment. My mental-emotional-physical state was always in a low to medium state of anxiety and I became overly cautious and my nervous system was always alert for flight and fight.

On top of that my skeletal muscular structure grew with a right-sided weakness, probably from the original blood poisoning which also weakened the right kidney and I assume the adrenal gland. This structural weakness eventually led to scar tissue formation, which in turn created a deep tension in certain parts of the body whenever I exercised. That tension would then keep me falling sleep at night and especially from going into deep sleep.

Of course the lack of deep reparative sleep ran the adrenals down even further. By my late 20's I was chronically tired. The first good thing that happened to help offset the fatigue was learning Transcendental Meditation or TM. Apparently it gives you a state of rest that is twice as deep as the deepest part of sleep metabolically, but only for 20 minutes. This extra rest got me through the next 25 years of my life, though I always tired.

As I got older, the aging process was working on this physiological weakness and the fatigue started increasing again. About 10 years ago I found Dr. Wilson's book, did the saliva test and had an hair analysis done. I was clearly in a severe stage of adrenal fatigue. I then started the various adrenal natural supplements, etc. There was some improvement, but still I could not acquire enough rest from sleeping. I felt like I didn't go into deep sleep for very long if at all.

So I hung out the Curezone website and did 21 liver flushes, also a few parasite and colon cleanses, but there would only be temporary relief and then back to the fatigue and discomfort. I tried supplement after supplement and saw a few other holistic docs with little improvement.

in June of 2010 a friend told me how she found a way to stop her lupus symptoms of fatigue, brain fog ,and pain by sleeping on an Earthing sheet. It took her about 2 months to get symptom free and for her blood work test for anti-nuclear antibodies, the hallmark of autoimmune disease to be normal.

I bought an Earthing (rubber) Mat for $59 and noticed with my bare feet on it, it made my work on the computer a lot less fatiguing. I then used the mat in the bed (under my legs) and found the very first night that I slept heavier then I had slept in years. After a week I bought an Earthing cotton Sheet for $169, as it was more comfortable in the bed. I continued to use the mat at the computer.

It took about 2 months of heavy sleeping to get the fatigue down, but all along I was feeling more rested, cheerful and comfortable in my body. It has been over 2 years now and the Earthing sleep is always deep and revitalizing. Even if for some reason I only get 4 hours sleep, the sleep feels much deeper than before and I can function with much greater clarity then I ever had previously. I would say I am about 85 to 90% improved. I still have some tired days, but usually they are caused by bad diet or pushing myself physically.

Earthing research states that sleeping grounded on an Earthing sheet normalizes the circadian cycle via the cortisol secretion pattern. I read it lowers midnight cortisol by 54% and raises 8 AM levels by 34% which apparently is what nature intended...when we used to walk around barefoot. What the Earthing mat or sheet does is make it easy to have lots of contact with the surface of the earth's normalizing rhythms inside the home.

We can still go outside barefoot and get the same contact, but if you have a chronic condition, especially fatigue, lots of hours of daily contact with the earth surface seem to be required to reverse the symptoms from everything I have read. So hence the benefit to sleeping on an Earthing sheet where you get 6 to 8 hours. You sleep anyway, might as well sleep grounded...literally.

It has been my experience that with adrenal fatigue deep sleep is everything when it comes to improving one's health.

I found a lot of information on the research studies and some testimonials at

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earthing is important.

Thanks for sharing, I'm going to try it out.. seems quite logical to me.. Strange nobody thoutht of it before:)