Isocort Help!

Im new here and man where to start..
Im pretty sure i have adrenal fatigue. I have all symptoms and they make me miserable. Im exhausted every day after 8 or more hours of sleep.My anxiety is always going. I cant concentrate on the simplest things. I feel just blah. i get hot flashes on my body sometimes tinglingany in toes and arms...anywho, i made an appt with my doctor but wont be seen until the 22 and im just miserable and tired of playing this game everyday. I guess my question is im currentloy on medications: zoloft, diovan(bp medicine) fish oil.. b-12, and an iron supplement due to being anemic. I bought some bezwecken isocort and im not sure if its safe to take with all these other medications. It makes me nervous without knowing if it can cause harm. espicially sine its an herbal supplement and the FDA doesnt test those things. Just feeling hopeloess and lost. If anyone has any info or taking any of these pills along with an adrenal supplement i would love to know how it works for you .thanks:)
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Hi, I completely understand your symptoms. My naturopath is helping me to cure myself of these symptoms including menopause. I urge you to please find a naturopathic doctor in your area who specializes in womens health. Your hormones are completely out of whack and only can be rejuvenated by the body itself, not supported by drugs. My naturopath is in North Vancouver, British Columbia and her name is Dr. Heathir Naasgaerd. She is amazing and has also cured me of my shingles attacks!

Yes, it will cost you some money but spending the money to get and maintain health and happiness is worth every dime.
I wish you the best of luck!