Could This Be My Issue?

I have been having issues for about 2 yrs know, i have been dealing with vertigo likesymptoms about 1 wk after the influenza B strain. Was told it would go away in a week or so,it lasted for about 8-9 months really bad off and on. I was misdiagnosed with Meniere'sDisease,still have brain the fog,still have the ringing in the ears, mild to severe allergies that i have to take shots for.

I have seen Inner Ear specialist, Rheumatologist,all test come back normal. Over the last 8 months i have had sudden weight lose and now weight gain,extreme joint pain & swelling in hands,left shoulder,knees and ankles,unexplained chest pain(EKG normal) and extreme fatigue or just a sluggish feeling,i have had 2 very bad ear infections,pneumonia and that's just in the last 12 months.

Hurt my back on the job 7 months ago (which it seems like i can't shake), 2 days after i started feeling a burning sensation at the base of my neck along with pain & stiffness.They did MRI & CT scans of my back and the results showed the left Adrenal Nodule is incompletely assessed.

Now i'm waiting for the CT scan to be done again.

Before 1/1/11 i felt healthy as i could be.
Could the flu have kick started this?
Could this possibly be my problem?

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1 Response Jan 19, 2013

Hi...I am sorry to hear of your health problems. I relate to how frustrating it is to be sick and not get to the root of your problems. I am and Occupational Therapist becoming certified in Functional Diagnostic Nutrition (FDN) FDN uses functional lab work to uncover internal stressors (Adrenal Balance, Steroid Hormone Balance, Digestive Function, Detoxification and Oxidative Stress) causing malfunctions in the body. It addresses the root of health problems rather than only treating symptoms. Often symptoms can be very far removed from the actual cause. A holistic protocol is used for treatment, using diet, rest, exercise, stress reduction (internal and external) and supplementation once the lab tests and questionnaires have been completed. As an FDN practitioner, I provide guidance, coaching and support through the whole process. If you are interesed in learning more, please feel free to contact me. Wishing you well, Tina