Stage III Adrenal Exhaustion?

Diagnosed with a severe activation of the HPA Axis in 2011. I made lifestyle changes and life was relatively fine until this past Christmas when I had to temporarily move back home with family before relocating out of state (which I was looking forward to.) After moving in with my family, my mother and I hit heads and I believe it was the final straw that sent me into adrenal exhaustion (stage III.) I am so frustrated. I have been unable to work, socialize, exercise, date etc because I am so exhausted. I am not bedridden but my past year has consisted of floating from doctor to doctor. I do have a history of depression dating back to childhood-but I feel that the depression is a symptom of an endocrine related issue. Chronic fatigue symptoms have been very intermittent- so I can see how this would look like a mood disorder to others. However- I am not depressed- I am just tired- it is a physical thing. I got misdiagnosed in January and I was placed on anti-depressants which made me even worse. I went to a naturopath who tested me and diagnosed with secondary Hypothyroidism. Unfortunately, I was on thyroid medication for Hyperthyroidism which suppressed my t4. My naturopath is not familiar with thyroid medication so now I have seen an excellent endocrinologist who ran labs and found out that I have low blood pressure/hypotension, and that my kidney is not keeping the salt. (Aldosterone and Renin axis abnormality- "compensatory rise in these the hormones Aldosterone and Renin as a reaction to low blood volume.) I have extreme inflammation in my feet, have gained weight (I am now very sedentary but used to be able to run marathons), and I am starting to get low blood sugar :( I'm also having dental issues- but I don't know if it is related. Perhaps the most difficult part for me though, is that I feel that I am getting pegged as a hypochondriac when in reality I know that there is something wrong. My blood cortisol was normal but the 24 hour salivary cortisol indicated I am very low- barely any.
I am almost to the point where I am bedridden. Can anyone recommend any physicians who are knowledgable in both adrenal fatigue and endocrinology? Ideally in California? The endocrinologist who I am seeing now is helping me address the medical symptoms but he suggested I find a naturopathic physician who can help me. At this point I may need to be admitted somewhere because I am so exhausted.
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hi missvmarie, i know exactly in what kind of world you are. Going to a docter and almost knowing that he is wrong. Hearing the words depression and stuff like that. As i do not know a physician for you i do want to tell you something about the cause of my HPA-axis dysfunction, maybe i can help you to get some usefull info.

My HPA-axis dysfynction is caused by mercury toxicity. I have weak adrenals and gluten sensitivity and bad thyroid. But all this results from mercury in the brain. When i started mercury detox most of my depression and fatique are starting to go away. Important for my adrenals was eating gluten free, this is always hard on the body, even if you are not sensitive to it, it results in more energy! I use this product to get through the day: It calms my somehow and i have a little more energy.

Keep in mind that although you have different symptoms then me, mercury can cause almost all symptoms and illnesses.

I hope you make a good recovery. Stay positive!

Do you take tryptophan at night? dHEA in the morning? Yes I use a naturopathic and he has been the the ONLY on to help. I urge you to read up on these two supplements and see what you think. I am sorry you are suffering. The traditional medical community doesn't have a lot to offer for this.