Adult Baby Getting Spanked With Mommy's Belt And Hairbrush...

I am an ABDL and I get spanked a lot...Mommy voice kept telling me to things today that I didn't do..My Mommy inside me grabbed my little butt several times today for spankings..Mommy was not gentle...I was asked to do simple tasks and Baby refused to do them. That is a big 'NO NO' in Mommy's books..Mommy hates when I say "NO" back. She gives me spankings for throwing tantrums, for not listening, and for wetting the bed..Mommy tells me all the time that I am not being a 'Big Girl' and that Mommy is going to treat me just the way I am acting. Baby knows that she fights Mommy back a lot. Baby also knows she throws tantrums but doesn't feel that she should get spanked all the time for them. Mommy sees otherwise. Today...every time I didn't llisten or threw a tantrum...Mommy would pull my diaper halfway down and start using her belt on my little bottom. Mommy spanked me until my little butt cheeks were nice and red...I kept telling Mommy to "STOP" and cried a lot while she was spanking me ...That is also a big 'No No' to Mommy. At one point today, Mommy left her belt in the other room where she had spanked me today...and well, I did something bad...I don't remember what, and Mommy took her hairbrush and starting spanking me with it...I never had the hairbrush before..Owwie...It hurt so badly. It stung like you wouldn't believe..Now baby can't sit crisscross apple sauce tonight because she was spanked so much. In secret....shhhh....Baby sometimes likes getting the feels good though I never tell Mommy..I just pretend to put up a fuss so Mommy thinks my bottom is hurting me badly.. But when I do that, Mommy strikes harder and Baby doesn't like this. I can't tell you how many times today Baby got her diapered pulled down and got spanked with the belt over Mommy's knee...Mommy had me lay over sofa arm rest a few times to spank me and she held my baby back down while she whacked me several times..After Mommy is done spanking me, she always tells me that she loves me but that I need to start acting like a 'Big Girl' and that I need to not disobey Mommy..Baby has problems with this and Baby is working on bottom...owwie..hurts me so much...

Oh I better go, Mommy is calling me now..She finds that I am looking at her computer she will be very angry with me...I dont want anymore spankings today..bottom hurts too much for more...

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neeed mommmy

sometimes me goes into baby mode although me can't always. sometimes me needs spankings too. me is feeling like that now. me needssss attention. but it is scary world out there. me has to be careful. me wishes someone would understand my feelings and at least talk to me.

babbby need mommmy

Nice story :)