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Hi I'm Robyn
And seeing hows there are some adult babies out there and adult toddlers i thought we should have a place to meet other play mate and maybe meet up one if you want to tell us your age(baby/toddler) and what kind of diapers you like,are you still on the bottle or a sippy cup,do you like pacifiers do you wear out fits etc. so we can get to know one another......I'm Robyn i'm a crossdresser and a 4yr.old toddler still in diapers i like cloth diapers and cute plastic baby pants still suck on a bottle and i love my pacifier and i like being a toddler girl rhumba panties!!
Ok now it's your turn tell us about you.......i hope we get alot of members!!!!
Robynlynn Robynlynn
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I'm just the same way, Robyn, but I don't have rhumba panties (and I'm straight)....although their look always did something inside me when I saw them on a girl.....cute! I don't know what I wanted when I felt that sexy gush at this very sight but, I knew I wanted to be near it & smell it. Nothing ever sexual with a child, mind you.<br />
<br />
I range from 2-15; sometimes, I'm a 15 y-o who's started wetting the bed for some reason, and had to sleep with his younger bedwetting-brother (who's 7 years old) so as not to ruin my bed (I know, right?) and, gradually, this 15 y-o starts finding himself wetter and wetter each morning that he wakes up.....other times, I'm morphed into a 2 y-o from that 15 y-o; day by day, another part of me shrinks, and I become pathetic and useless; just what my step-mother wanted so that she and our step-sister could lord over us wussy 3 boys who all wore diapers and wet our beds. The two women of the family had us under their thumbs and controlled us and made us weaker as the years rolled by.....very complicated....imagination has no limits. <br />
<br />
I love girlie stuff, cloth diapers, panties, pink baby pants, pacifiers, bibs, bottles, stained sheets, that dried-pee scent that smells like Stargazer Lillies (to me, anyway....I know, I'm sick and, thank you!). Being a helpless sissy, who needs help with everything is a wonderful and weak sensation that conjures up a very soft and juicy aura....that's when I start drooling like a 2 y-o. Above all, I'm a sucker for being nursed......enjoying that would just put me over the precipice into infancy, big-time.

Where do you live?? I'm in Az. Bullhead City wish we could meet up sometime and have a playdate, do you have a babysitter??


Is there anyone in the St. Louis, MO area who would be interested in having a playdate with an AB and his Mommy? Non-sexual, just fun playtime.

Now that does sound like fun i would love to if i lived closer i wish i did....I love playdates just being a toddler in my diaper and plastic pants playing with another with toys and everything....♥♥♥

I`m Doug and I`m a 10 year old bedwetter and mommy makes me wear cloth pull-on diapers + plastic pants and sometimes suck on a paci

Hi and welcome Doug nice to meet other toddlers....

Hi I'm A Robyn
It's nice to meet you do you wear rhumba. Panties with your dresses it's nice to meet a 5 yr.old I'm 4 and still in diapers glad to have you in the group welcome! !!!

Hi I'm a 5year old baby I love being in nappies and pasifier I love to be treated as a little baby girl so I have a wig and dresses with pink panties to cover my nappies .