Love Being Diaperd

 I love being diapered,wiyh my bottle,teddy. i feel safe and secure.i don`t mind being changed in public,and wearing baby clothes.i just love being a adult baby!

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me to

what you can do is when you go to a mall some of them have a family bathroom. Its really for people who need help..But you can take your baby in and lock the door. there is a table in there and its good to change a diaper.. Its the best I can do binkeyboy

how do you fell when you get changed in the public

Well I do admire that you don't mind being changed in public. I still would not do it because it would be soooooooooooooooo embarrassing. I guess to each his own. If I got a gf I wouldn't mind if she babied me but that would be about it.<br />
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changed in public? that's new to me.