Adult Baby Looking For Mommy In Arkansas

hi i am new to being an adult baby girl. i have always dreamed about being an baby since i was little. i am looking for a mommy that will love me, baby me, change my clothes, enema me, spank me, breast feed me, and all that. i hope one day i can travel to her for lil bit or she come to me and take me out and show me what a true mom is to her baby. i cant have any kids anymore but i have one that is almost in kindergarten and doesnt know anything yet. but i hope one day i have a dream come true.
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hi sweet baby girl, email me

I'd love to chat with you about it - please inbox me x

hi,<br />
i was fortunate to have been able to enjoy growing up diapered 24/7 and raised as my mom's little girl, until she passed away when i was almost 19. which is also why i went on to explore spending the rest of my life as a diapered (t)gurl.<br />
<br />
during that lifestyle, i corresponded and met with hundreds of others with similar interests as yours. and since i had outgrown at a very young age, any of those silly inhibitions about always being seen diapered and dressed in public. i enjoyed fulfilling all of their diapered, dressed, and babied desires. especially while out and about in public, as well as in private. so, i can definitly relate a lot of my experiences about being a "mom" to a baby girl like you.<br />
<br />
then, about 18 years ago. i "caught" the attention of a very special lady. and like you, she had some personal and intimate reasons for becoming very attracted to me. we've been "married with children" eversince.<br />
<br />
if you would like to correspond and share your interests or ask anykinds of questions. let me know, and i'll give you our email address, or you can give me yours. then we can share from there.<br />
<br />
God Bless and keep you safe.<br />
<br />

u can be my mama AnonyPagan on skype